Provisioning and Access Management

Designed for Security, OrchIS™ drastically reduces deployment timelines with lightweight Authentication, Authorization, Auditing and Provisioning services.

OrchIS™ delivers an authentication hub, federation services, authorization, user provisioning and auditing through orchestrated Microservices which scale to the billions and can be deployed rapidly in any environment.

Adaptive Access Control

Centralized Authentication Hub with Single Sign On

OrchIS™ Microservices simplify API, customer and employee management with a robust authentication hub supporting users, API’s, devices and web-scale session management.

Multi Factor Authentication

SAML/OAuth/OpenID Connect

Frictionless Password Free Authentication

Multi-Tier Delegated Administration

API Authentication

Correlated Device/User/Application Sessions

Risk Based Authorization

Dynamic Risk-Based Policies

Fine Grained Entitlement

Adaptive Risk-Based Authorization

Behavioral Modeling

Machine Learning

Active Session Validation

Adaptive Orchestrated Response

Orchestrated Threat Remediation
Unify your data security with IAM by adding business logic at any point within the entitlement or federation policies. Ie. If at any time the risk of the transaction exceeds approved threat levels, a variety of customized/customizable business processes can be initiated.

AuthZ Risk Example

User accesses application and inserts SQL injection.

WAF Detection

SQL injection is detected by application firewall and results are published out via SYSLOG.

Syntegrity OrchIS™

Listeners takes application firewall notification and maps user to session then executes security workflow.

AM System

Orchestrated response takes action on user account:

Reduce AuthN level
Disable Account
Destroy Session
Audit Records
Other Options


Monolithic IAM identity products use individual services to log stitched together platforms generating convoluted auditing via disparate services.  OrchIS™  takes a different approach with a single common auditing service.


Customize the audit format for any third party system.   Extract and aggregate log data from OrchIS™ and each orchestrated service with an unique ID so that it can be tracked individually. Comes open, extensible and published by default to the OrchIS™ analytics dashboard or any third party system.


Provides a single common auditing service.
Enables tracing of the entire life cycle of users, devices, things, API’s and events.
Audit is the cornerstone
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Need More Insight Into Users, Apps, API’s, Behavior and Usage Patterns?

A singular dashboard provides the ability to drill down
and report on individual and application-wide access.

Identity Analytics

Aggregate Data Sources
Usage Trends
Entitlement Usage

Performance Visibility

Capacity Usage
Policy Enforcement
Resource Loads
Customized Reports
RESTful API’s for 3rd Party Monitoring

API Visibility

API to API Transactions
Debug Issues Quickly
End to End Transactional monitoring


Reduction of Threat Vectors

Compact and  well written with modern coding techniques, OrchIS™ is years ahead of traditional monolithic IAM platforms.  Older IAM platforms expose hundreds of services using millions of lines of decades-old code, OrchIS™ was built from the ground up with optimal security in mind.  This reduces the installed services to a code footprint that’s only a small fraction of what’s used by other IAM vendors.