Speed Up Project Delivery and Stay Compliant with Business-Process-Based IAM Blueprints

OrchIS™ was designed from the ground up for security and scalability with customers requiring millions or billions of users/devices and 100,000’s+ of transactions per second.  OrchIS™  through its usage of Big Data and hyper scale memory chaining, provides near linear horizontal scaling and over 25,000 TPS/node; large enough for the Social Networks of the world and fast enough for the growth curve of a startup.


Making the User Experience Scalable, Secure, and Incredibly Easy to Use.

Modern Relationships

Our device relationships are in a word dynamic. Devices change regularly and are in constant transition whether it is an additional smart house sensors or a new mobile platform. Technology relationships are transitional and often require co-ownership. The resulting OrchIS™ relationship and authorization policies support these changing dynamics and complete integration into the user experience.

Utilizing distributed policy decisions and enforcement points, OrchIS™ allows developers to embed authorization, provisioning and entitlements into API’s, resources, endpoints, and connected things.  This provides a platform for user engagement and security within a network of things and the relationships of those things to each other and to individuals.


Web-Scale Session Store

10x Scalability Over Existing Solutions
Billions of Users/Devices/Sessions
Big Data Memory Grid
Stateful/Stateless sessions
Linear Scalability
Risk Tracking
OrchIS™ Token Service
Any Thing | Any Device
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Any One | Any Body
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Any Time | Any Where
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Speed Up Project Delivery and Stay Compliant with Business-process based IAM Workflow Blueprints